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Borderlands 2: Vault Symbol Locations - Part 1: Windshear Wastes to Sanctuary

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So, if you have started playing Borderlands 2, you can notice that there are challenges for each area called "The Cult of the Vault." They give you, typically, one or five additional badass ranks when you complete each challenge. Here, I will list all the Vault Symbol locations for Windshear Wastes, Southern Shelf, Southern Shelf Bay, Three Horns - Divide, and Sanctuary.  Video guide is posted below.

Windshear Wastes (1/1)

  1. This is the easiest and can be gotten practically as soon as the games starts. Once you make it to Clap Trap's Place, there is a door along the northern wall that will have four dead Clap Traps pop out once it is opened. The Vault Symbol is behind those Clap Traps.
Southern Shelf (2/2)
  1. The first one we will hit is along the main story missions and it is in the bottom of the large tanker when you are going to kill Flynt. Eventually, you will need to raise a ramp to bring Clap Trap up to you. Right after hitting the switch, do a one-eighty and jump into the area just above the ramp to your right. From here, you will need to make it across to the opposite side of the room jumping on the rooftops. Symbol will be on the floor at the other end. Highly recommend watching the video for this one.
  2. The second one on Southern Shelf is accessible after you do the quest for Sir Hammerlock to open up the safehouse in the middle of the area and buy a shield. Take the elevator to the top and then go out the back door. To the right, the side of the building will have some sheet metal sticking out and you can jump on it to get onto the roof. Got to the southern edge of the roof and then drop down onto the balcony. Symbol is on the floor.
Southern Shelf Bay (2/2)
  1. For the first symbol, you will want to go to the southern part of the map (on the ice bergs) and you will find a boat that if half frozen into the ice. On the southern side, above the main deck, the vault symbol will be located between two portholes.
  2. The second symbol in the Southern Shelf bay is in the northeastern corner of the map. This is the area crawling with bandits. You will see a building on four octagonal supports. Go behind the building and on the upper wall you can see the symbol.
Three Horns Divide (3/3)
  1. The first one for Three Horns Divide will be near where you find the Power core to get you into Sanctuary. At the Southern edge of the map there will be two buildings. The symbol is behind the eastern most building and can be discovered by a walkway ledge.
  2. The second symbol will be to the north of the first, in the middle of the map (somewhat to the west) in an area that is, essentially a compound. This area is accessible from the southern entrance to Frostburn. You will need to make it to the northeastern end of the compound and the symbol will be visible behind a building if you look south.
  3. The final symbol for this area is just southwest of the compound on a billboard. You will need to jump onto the back of the billboard and go up the support beams. Symbol is on the side facing the west.
Sanctuary (5/5)
  1. First symbol here is in Scooter's place. Looking north, go to the back of the lower room and turn towards the east (right). Symbol is on the floor near some tires.
  2. Symbol two is actually on the roof behind the newstand in the central plaza, but to get to it we need access to Roland's place. After you complete "Plan B" for Scooter you should be able to get into Roland's place. Go to the second floor and jump onto the roofs on the right (to the west). You will need to stick to the right until you come up to the large rounded roof the is going east to west. Jump on top of it and jump onto the southern rooftops across the street. Symbol is on the roof. Definitely watch the video for this one as well.
  3. Go toward Marcus' Guns store and before entering, hang a left into the alleyway. The symbol will be just after the dumpster along the wall.
  4. Go to Moxxxi's (Bouncy bouncy!) and exit out the southwestern doorway. Immediately to your left, the symbol will be on the wall facing east.
  5. Head back in front of Marcus' store for the final symbol. We are going to end up above Earl's (crazy guy who you buy SDUs from) but to get there we need to crisscross some rooftops. In front of Marcus's store, there is a bench. You will jump from the bench onto the roof and get as high up as you can. From there, jump across the street towards Earl's. You will not be able to get there yet as you will need to jump to the roof paralleling Earl's roof and then back across. Symbol will be on the balcony above him.
 Thanks for reading.  Second part of the guide should be up later (Part 2 is up now and located here!).

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